There is a fine line between enjoying dolphin watching, with minimal or no impact on their behaviour, and causing severe disturbance while chasing them around. It is all too easy to step over this line if you are not careful and observant. Like us, dolphins exhibit various natural behaviours throughout the day. They all serve a particular purpose and contribute to the overall health and survival of individuals within a group. These include feeding, travelling, resting, maternal care, social interactions and others. Having this in mind, it is clear that by approaching dolphins in the wild, we are creating a disturbance in their routine. To a certain extent, we are forcing them to abandon their current activities to deal with our presence. Persistent disturbance may cause long-term negative impacts such as stress related health issues, reduced reproductive success or avoidance of previously very important areas. What we choose to do when we encounter dolphins is going to make a huge difference to their well-being.

Persistent disturbance may cause long-term negative impacts