Albus - the white bottlenose dolphin

Albus is the only known albino bottlenose dolphin in the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea. In June 2014 we recorded its presence in Northwest Adriatic, close to the town of Ravenna. The dolphin was sighted during research of bottlenose dolphins that is part of the NETCET project, co-financed by the IPA Adriatic Cross Border Cooperation Programme. Albus is an adult bottlenose dolphin that has been sighted in the same area a couple of times prior to 2014.

Having in mind the uniqueness of our Adriatic white bottlenose dolphin, Albus, we would like to provide all available information about the sightings and its status on these web pages.

In order for Albus to live happily in the Adriatic for the next half a century (bottlenose dolphins can live for more than 50 years) and to become an ambassador of sorts for the protection and conservation of the sea and the Adriatic, we invite you to check our website for new information, to send any information you might have on sightings and to follow our Facebook page. You can also give your support to Albus and his well-being by signing up for an adoption package!

Being able to adopt the only known albino bottlenose dolphin in the Adriatic is a unique opportunity and a special gift. Your donation will ensure we have sufficient funding to continue our work aimed at protecting Albus and other bottlenose dolphins in the Adriatic.Thank you for your support!


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Albus is unique! Have you seen him? In order to protect him it is necessary to track his movement and status. We kindly ask of you to send us information about your observations including the time and location of the sighting. If possible, please send photographs or video recording to our e-mail address Also, make sure you follow the Code of conduct while dolphin watching to enable Albus and other members of the group to move and behave normally.