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Ivan is a playful young dolphin, born in 2002. He often entertains us with magnificent jumps.

Available in:croatian, german


Jop is joyful and curious young dolphin with a unique, underdeveloped dorsal fin that makes him so special.

Available in: croatian, german


Santiago is a young female dolphin who bought our hearts when she brought a caught fish in front of our boat.

Available in: croatian, german


Tac is an adult female, known from earlier as a tender baby sitter. Since 2008 she is a caring mother to her first calf.

Available in: croatian, german

NEW -  Now you can also adopt two dolphins from the waters around the island of Vis
Sir David

Sir David - is a charismatic and dominant male. This true group leader often approaches our boat and jumps, showing his strength.

Available in: croatian, english, italian


Boa - is a female that we usually encounter in the waters around the island of Vis. Her unusual behaviour caught our attention - she breathes through the mouth. Despite this she is a very careing mother.

Available in: croatian, english, italian

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