Dolphin day

Since 1993 Dolphin Day has been a traditional celebration in the village of Veli Lošinj. Since 1999 Blue World has organised this unique event as one of the main parts of the educational programme. Until 2011. it took place on 1st of July every year, but  in 2011. we moved the celebration from the usual first Saturday in August to the 1st of July. In cooperation with the sponsor of the event, the Mali Lošinj Tourist Board, we decided on the new date as the first weekend in August is congested with several parallel events taking place on the island.

On that day large numbers of visitors come to Veli Lošinj to be informed on the activities of the Adriatic Dolphin Project. Public interest for this manifestation is increasing every year and now we have around 2000 visitors and participants. Many visitors say that coming to Dolphin Day is one of the main reasons for their families to plan holiday on the island of Lošinj. Dolphin Day has great media coverage in many newspapers, magazines, radio and TV shows all around Croatia. 

The programme of Dolphin Day varies from year to year, but usually includes
 lectures, exhibitions, workshops, games and sports competitions. Due to the increasing number of visitors we plan to intensify the programme of Dolphin Day with new educational, cultural, sports and fun activities which would actively involve more participants. Our aim is to create an atmosphere in which everyone enjoys and has fun, so we plan a variety of activities for different ages and cultural groups. However, the main part of the activity is designed for children and youth.

One of the most recognizable traditions of the Dolphin Day is a big
 exhibition of children’s drawings in the harbor of Veli Lošinj with the inspiration of the sea and dolphins. Every year we receive a huge number of drawings from all over Croatia and abroad so the competition for the best drawing of the year award is always very high. We use this opportunity to invite all little artists to send us their drawings to be exhibited on a next Dolphin Day.