Whales arround Vis island


We were informed of two sightings of whales in the vicinity of Vis island! The first sighting was near Greben islet, and the following close to Drvenik. We will try ...

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Entangled dolphin near the island of Iž


Dolphins - "The third element", HTV3


Researchers Blue World Institute, Dr. Drasko Holcer and prof. Grgur Pleslić, have been featured on "The third element" show of the Croatian Television. The show was dedicated to bottlenose dolphins ...

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Drivers of population structure of the bottlenose dolphin



In a paper published in mid-February in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology researchers tried to identify the processes and factors that led to the emergence of regional population structure in ...

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One more sat-tagged loggerhead turtle



Thanks to affable and collaborative fisherman from Lošinj Island we managed to tag another loggerhead turtle with satellite transmitter. Turtle was caught in the net of trawler „Fortuna" some ...

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First satelite tagged wintering loggerhead turtle


First wintering loggerhead turtle was tagged with satellite transmitter yesterday aboard trawling boat „Calypso" from Lošinj. It was accidentally caught some 4 NM west of Dugi otok. We are ...

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