It is very noisy in the Mediterranean


Figure: Noise-cetacean interaction hotspots: overlap of noise hotspots and important cetacean habitats. From Maglio et al. 2015, page 29.
The first report ”Overview of the Noise Hotspots in the ACCOBAMS ...
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Release of the loggerhead sea turtle ‘Victoria’


On the 17th of August 2015 the Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation will release the turtle named ‘Victoria’ from Borik beach in Mali Lošinj at ...

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Dolphins bowriding a cruiser


The crew of the Adriatic Dolphin Project North Dalmatia had an unusual sighting - two bottlenose dolphins bowriding in front of a 244 m cruiser. The dolphins could not resist the ...

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Aries, Eleonora's falcon



Today around noon we received a call from our friends in Alternatura tourist agency from Komiža who found Eleonora's falcon in a deep pit for rainwater collection on Cape ...

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Bioteka’s summer science camp on Lošinj!


Considering the success of last year’s collaboration between  Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation and Bioteka,Bioteka science crew is moving to the island Lošinj again ...

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Celebration of 23rd Dolphin Day


The program of 23rd Dolphin day started in the morning in front of Lošinj marine education centre in Veli Lošinj. Around 20 children participated in various art and ...

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