Bobi - solitary Adriatic dolphin


With the arrival of summer and the rise in numbers of bathers at sea, we start receiving more footage of people swimming with Bobi the bottlenose dolphin.Bobi is a ...

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24th Dolphin Day


On Friday, 1st of July 2016, Blue World Institute celebrated 24th Dolphin Day which was held under the sponsorship of the City of Mali Lošinj, Tourist Board of Mali ...

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Public call - Services



Public Call for expression of interest for providing services

financed from the EU IPA ADRIATIC CBC program targeted call on EUSAIR, Priority 2: Natural resources, cultural resources and prevention risks ...

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World Sea Turtle Day 2016.


The Blue World Institute  celebrated  World Sea Turtle Day on 16th of June 2016. in Turtle Rescue  Centre  in Mali Lošinj. Children of all ages arrived to enjoy numerous ...

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Lošinj bottlenose dolphins change their vocalisation in noisy environment



BWI researchers have published a series of scientific papers in which they study the effects of noise produced by boats on our coastal population of bottlenose dolphins in the Lo ...

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It is very noisy in the Mediterranean


Figure: Noise-cetacean interaction hotspots: overlap of noise hotspots and important cetacean habitats. From Maglio et al. 2015, page 29.
The first report ”Overview of the Noise Hotspots in the ACCOBAMS ...
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