Sperm whales near Vis island


Probably the same group of sperm whales, observed near Zmajan isl, (Šibenik, Croatia) was recorded on 7.9.2014. near Stončica lighthouse on Vis island by Mr. Andro Petrić.

On ...

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Sperm whales near Šibenik, Croatia


Today, 9.9.2014., police officers from Šibenik marine police patrol ship Sv. Nikola Tavelić on their routine patrol, recorded a group of five sperm whales in the vicinity of ...

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Albus - adriatic white dolphin


Within the activities of project NETCET – Network for the Conservation of Cetaceans and Sea Turtles in the Adriatic (, researchers of Blue World Institute ( ...

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Bobi - solitary bottlenose dolphin



Dolphins have always attracted our attention and stories of interactions with humans have been told for thousands of years. Dolphins 'rescue people' in storms, they 'protect' swimmers from sharks, they ...

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Summer School of Biology


Summer School of Biology
From 11th to 15th of August 2014 Blue World Institute and Bioteka association for  promotion of biology and related sciences,  successfully organized the Summer School of ...
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Dolphin surveying under the moonlight



Yesterday evening many eyes were set on the sky where you could see an unusually large and shiny Moon. The movement of this celestial body is predictable so the event ...

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