Monk seal harassment on Cres


Dear friends, we have obtained this recording from YouTube and after initial shock we are now publishing it on our channel for your considerations too.

As we could understand, some tour-boat with German tourists anchored in a bay next to Cres island, Adriatic sea. They found monk seal on the beach, and instead of leaving this endangered animal in peace, they surrounded the animal from all sides and approached. They even throw pebbles or water on the animal (forcing it to move!?). After that the animal fled from the beach. 

This is the extreme example of negative and illegal behavior towards this animal. Therefore, although in our statements we always promote knowledge and understanding (and not fines and legal actions) when calling on reasonable behavior with animals, we are glad that in this case the State institute for nature protection and Nature protection inspectors have been informed about this extreme behavior. In this case we feel it is reasonable to say that such harassment of the monk seal in Croatia is punishable with up to 11.000 Euros.

Again, we would urge you not to approach the monk seal if you observe it, not only because it is illegal, but because this animal needs to rest. Also, do not follow the animal with your boats if you see it on the sea. And, report your observations!