Sperm whales near Šibenik, Croatia

Today, 9.9.2014., police officers from Šibenik marine police patrol ship Sv. Nikola Tavelić on their routine patrol, recorded a group of five sperm whales in the vicinity of Šibenik (between Tijat and Zmajan islands). Latter, we obtained the information that the same group was observed near Vis Island on 7.9.2014. As sperm whales are deep divers living in the open sea, in the event of straying in the channels between eastern Adriatic islands they face peril due to potential stranding in the shallow water. The area where they have been recorded is only 50-60 m deep.

As we would like to ensure safe departure of this group of magnificent deep sea animals from shallow parts of the Adriatic, we are kindly asking you to report your observations so we can monitor their position and status.

In case you observe the animals please make photos and/or video recording, mark time, exact location and direction of the animals. Report your observations and sightings immediately (if possible from the boat) either to our numbers (tel +385 51 604666, mbl +385 91 4637424, info@blue-world.org) or to emergency service number 112 that will pass on your reports to State institute for nature protection and us.

Finally, despite their size, sperm whales are harmless animals if left alone. But, as animals are probably alerted and stressed as they are enclosed in shallow environment we are kindly asking you not to approach them. Your approaching could cause additional stress and potential stranding.

Sperm whales near Šibenik, Croatia, Adriatic Sea. 9.9.2014. from Blue World Institute.


Thank you for your help!