Meetings and conferences

In 2009 representatives of Blue World attended:

Festival of Science

Mali Lošinj, Croatia
19th - 26 April

5th World Environmental Education Congress
Montreal, Canada
10th - 14 May

2nd International Marine Protected Area Congress
Washington, USA
20th - 24 May

2nd European Congress for Conservation Biology
Prague, Czech Republic
1st - 5 September

4th International Workshop on Detection, Classification and Localization of
Marine Mammals Using Passive Acoustics
Pavia, Italy
10th - 13 September

10th Croatian Biological Congress
Osijek, Croatia
14th - 20 September

Begovo Razdolje, Croatia
24th - 26 September

In 2008

European Cetacean Society
Egmont an Zee, The Netherlands
10th - 12 March

ACCOBAMS scientific committee
Rome, Italy
14th - 18 April

Festival of Science
Rijeka, Zagreb, Croatia
21st - 26 April

Professional activities Professor of Biology Zadar County
Zadar, Croatia
18th April

CUZOR - Meeting on Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development
Plitvice, Croatia
20th - 22. May

12th International Conference on Study of Commons
Glouschester, UK
15th - 18 July

X. Summer School SEMEP
Komiža, Croatia
10th - 17 July

Fundamentals of social activism, REC Croatia
Tuheljske spa, Croatia
15th - 19 September

"The impact of human activities at sea, on the coast and its hinterland on the northern Adriatic biodiversity," conference
Piran, Slovenia
7th - 8 October

17th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals
Cape Town, South Africa
29th November - 3rd December