Lošinj Area

The Lošinj-Cres archipelago is the northernmost group of islands in the Croatian Adriatic. The coastline is extremely diverse, consisting of many large and small coves and underwater caves. Due to the warm ocean currents that pass around Lošinj, the island has a relatively warm climate with mild winters and summers. Dense vegetation, mild climate and clean sea make a very attractive island of Lošinj.

Our fieldbase is located on the east coast of the island of Lošinj. In these waters are found more than 95 fish species and large predators such as the bottlenose dolphin, sharks and tuna often visit this area, as well as the loggerhead turtle. The marine environment around Lošinj Island is one of the most pristine in the northern Adriatic Sea with underwater visibility almost always exceeding twenty meters.

Veli Lošinj was founded in 1280. For centuries, Lošinj was under Venetian rule and later Italian rule. The island is famous for its mild climate and clean air and is a frequent destination for the rehabilitation of patients with pulmonary and allergic diseases. Veli Losinj has a post office, several travel agencies, hotels and small shops.