We are a community oriented, science-based non-profit organisation dedicated to marine research, education, and conservation.

We are uniquely positioned as the only such organisation working in the Adriatic Sea – at the local, national and regional scales – to expand the scientific foundation for conservation, advancing environmental literacy, furthering on-the-ground conservation actions, and overall widening of public engagement for the protection of marine ecosystems and resources.

We work with partners from all sectors and levels – from empowering local communities to liaising with international initiatives – as we seek to create new, and expand existing collaborations to transform current exploitative development models towards a sustainable form of growth and an equitable, smart reliance on the natural resources of the region.

Our Vision

A rich, healthy and sustainably managed Adriatic Sea – as an integral part of the Mediterranean Basin – providing long term viability of its marine ecosystems and species and sustaining the livelihood of its local communities for generations to come.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to securing the future of the Adriatic Sea. We work to advance marine conservation and to further policy and interventions that ensure the long-term sustainability of marine ecosystems and species. We motivate, inform and inspire local communities in their pursuit of present and future well-being.

Our Values

Professionalism and Integrity

Inclusivity and Responsibility

Determination and Focus

Our Strategic goals

  1. Use research and professional knowledge to assist the development and implementation of marine conservation measures in the Adriatic and the region;
  2. Achieve and maintain a favourable conservation status for large marine vertebrates – our research target species – and reach a good environmental status generally in the Adriatic Sea;
  3. Empower local communities to become effective agents of change by providing resources, support and know-how;
  4. Cultivate the next generation of environmental stewards by developing and delivering diverse educational programmes that increase marine conservation literacy and action;
  5. Continuously expand and improve the interdisciplinary regional centre of excellence – the Marine Science Centres – in Lošinj;
  6. Maintain an adaptive organisational capacity allowing appropriate response to new challenges and opportunities

Goals are realized by

  1. A team of scientists and residents that have committed long-term to the development of research projects and conservation actions;
  2. An ongoing set of well-crafted hands-on projects to protect endangered, charismatic
    species of conservation concern;
  3. Collaborative approach to advance the designation and equitable governance of Marine Protected Areas and other forms of conservation-oriented spatial marine management;
  4. Developing Lošinj Marine Education Centre as a focal point and leading facilities in the Adriatic for marine literacy, education, and study at all levels, from kindergarten to post-graduate;
  5. Organisational development through self-learning, assessments and reviews to ensure our continued ability to deliver on our ambitions.