Considering the success of last year’s collaboration between the Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation and Bioteka,Bioteka science crew is moving to the island Lošinj again this year, to the city of Mali Lošinj, Turtle Rescue Center (between Aurora and Vespera hotels)! This year we have prepared a much larger and richer programme.

Programme is designed for children from 7 to 12 years, where every child gets an opportunity to become a scientist for a week. Experiments are waiting for you, we reveal how many vitamins or sugar there is in fruit and vegetables, how to make DNA visible and take it home with you, what colours leaves hide or how to inflate balloons using yeast! And what awaits the dinosaur fans? Let’s just mention that you are going to see and touch some of the oldest fossils ever seen on our planet. Exciting, isn’t it? If this isn’t challenging enough, we believe your hungry adventurous spirit will be full after our field workshops: we are going to build a device for catching insects and we are off to hunt, we are going to learn how to recognize the plants around us and how to make an evolutionary line with the help of trees and bushes. Is there anyone ready to get their ankles wet in shallow waters and discover the colourful sea world? How about to make an algarium?

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Kristina Duvnjak

+385 95 29 11 984