Although the original idea was to introduce our youngest members to the City Library of Mali Lošinj, and to take a closer look at the Regional Library Veli Lošinj, to meet the librarian, and to present books for which their creators found inspiration in blue sea, the new situation in which we found ourselves put a focus on a slightly different way to introduce the youngest to the world of books. We have decided to introduce ‘Books that Change the World’ and the concept of ‘change’ as the main topics of this year’s Book Night at the Blue World Institute, at the homes of our members, sympathisers, friends. Books change the world primarily by altering our inner worlds, and when that metamorphosis becomes creative, changes happen around us. What are the books that have motivated our members and friends to change their attitude towards nature, primarily towards the sea and its inhabitants, we want to respond through the photos and videos that you can send us in our Facebook page inbox or e-mail: Photos and videos can contain quotes and books about the sea, as you read them by the sea or in the sea, etc. You can also send us videos reading your favorite book or poem sections on the topic of the sea, sea animals, island and we will publish it all on the Blue World Institute´s Facebook page on 23rd of April.