Risso’s dolphins in the Adriatic


Risso’s dolphins in the Adriatic

During our full-day search for Cuvier’s beaked whales in the southern Adriatic Sea, we also encountered other species of whales and dolphins. One of them is the Risso’s dolphin. We encountered a group of around 15 individuals west …

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The first research and satellite tagging of Cuvier’s beaked whales have begun in the Adriatic Sea

An international team of scientists from Croatia and Italy set sail on the 14-meter catamaran “Coolway” on Thursday, October 5th, into the open waters of the southern Adriatic with the aim of studying Cuvier’s beaked whales in this …

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The appearance of a group of sperm whales near Korčula

Today during the morning, we received several reports about the observation of a group of large whales in the Adriatic Sea. Through the analysis of observation footage near Korčula sent to us by citizens, we have determined that …

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Glavata želva


What are possible causes of loggerhead turtle biting swimmers?

With the aim of raising public awareness and clarifying possible causes of these unpleasant experiences, especially for individuals who have been bitten, in the following text, we will attempt to briefly explain the possible reasons for the bites …

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Mojmira i Malis04


How Mojmira the dolphin got her name?

We assume you have heard (and if you haven’t, you have now!) that during our appearance on RTL Direkt, we “gifted” the host, Mojmir Pastorčić, a dolphin we named Mojmira after her. Of course, we cannot actually gift …

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Solitary short-beaked common dolphins in the Bay of Rijeka and near Rab

In the past few weeks, we have received reports from citizens about sightings of dolphins in the Rijeka Bay and near Rab, which are displaying unusual behaviour, staying in ports and allowing people to approach them. Since the …

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World Sea Turtle Day, Open Day and 31st Dolphin Day

THREE PUBLIC EVENTS WITHIN THE “ISLANDS IN THE SEA OF KNOWLEDGE” PROJECT The beginning of summer at the Blue World Institute was marked by traditional public events organized this year under the auspices of the ‘Islands in the …

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Project HATCH: Hadriaticum Data Hub – Successfully finished

The Blue World Institute has participated as project partner in project HATCH: Hadraticum Data Hub that has successfully finished. The main goal of the HATCH project was to capitalize on the results of the previously conducted projects of the …

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Study visit to Portugal

The educational team of the Blue World Institute participated together with representatives of partner organizations in the project “Islands in the Sea of Knowledge” – Strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations to popularize STEM, on a study …

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LIFE Delfi: Workshop for fishermen on dolphin watching as a complementary activity

A workshop for fishermen was held in Mali Lošinj as part of the project LIFE Delfi – Lowering fishing interactions to promote dolphin watching as an activity that can replace or supplement the traditional activity of fishermen. The …

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International workshop on Maritime Spatial Planning in Veli Lošinj

As part of the Interreg IT-HR project HATCH (Hadriaticum Data Hub), the Blue World Institute organized last week a study visit of project partners to Veli Lošinj, Croatia, which included a workshop on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP). Thanks …

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Career Day

Career Day was organized in cooperation with the Club of Lošinjians and students of Ambroz Haračić High School from Mali Lošinj. Career Day was held in CB Utopija in Mali Lošinj on February 17, 2023 with the aim …

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Finalisation of the project “A new view of Lošinj archipelago” – FLAG “Vela Vrata”

We are ending the year 2022 with the finalisation of the project “A new view of the Lošinj archipelago” and we want to use this opportunity to inform you about the new contents of the Lošinj Marine Education …

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Veli, the last of three sea turtles that were admitted to the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre on Lošinj due to a strong storm earlier this year, was released into the sea today. We organized the return of this …

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“Visitor Centre Blue Cave — Biševo” opens

Infrastructural works of the Blue Cave Visitor Centre project – Biševo are completed. The City of Komiža together with its project partners Public Institution More and Karst, the Blue World Institute and the Tourist Board of the City …

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LIFE DELFI – Goletta dei delfini

As part of the activities of the LIFE DELFI project from 14th to 16th of August, we hosted representatives of partner organizations from Italy – Legambiente Onlus and the University of Siena, who arrived in Mali Lošinj harbor …

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