eTurtle is a citizen science application aimed at collecting information on observations of sea turtles in the wild. Currently it is available for Android OS and can be downloaded from PlayStore.

Sea turtles are globally endangered species and everyone can help protecting them. Get involved in our citizen science programme, share your observations, and see what others are reporting. Your reports and observation will help us identify threats and areas of interactions with sea turtles. You can help scientists and managers develop better measures for their conservation. With your support, we aim to ensure a better future for our sea turtles!

The app is available in English, Italian, Greek, Croatian, Slovenian and Maltese. In the near future iOS version and special interactive web site will be available To browse the reports (photos, locations, etc) login is not required, but to upload your observations you have to login! To login you can use your Google or FB account or create your new username.

The application is developed by Croatian Natural History Museum and its partners within the LIFE Euroturtles project (LIFE15 NAT/HR/000997) co-funded by European Union. The aim of the project is to improve the conservation status of the EU populations of two sea turtle priority species, the Loggerhead and the Green turtle. For more information, check