The Blue World Institute has created a mobile device application with the purpose to expand the information available about marine species in the Adriatic by increasing public participation in science-based data collection. Whether you are professionally linked to the sea, you are just enjoying your holiday or are a concerned citizen, there is a new and straightforward way for you to contribute to the conservation of marine habitats and species – by reporting your sightings.

Contribute to the conservation of marine species

Effective species conservation is based on accurate and updated information on their distribution and abundance. This data is usually collected and analysed by scientists through research and monitoring programmes. However, members of the public can significantly contribute to data collection through Citizen Science programmes using everyday technology. You can report your sightings and contribute additional vital information for a broader and more detailed description on the state of biodiversity and environmental conditions.

How to install apps that are not from the Google Play Store:


To enable the application installation you need to turn on “Unknown Sources” on your smartphone. This allows you to install the application from our web site:

Settings -> Security -> Unknown sources -> press “OK”

Download App:

Once installed use the application on your mobile device whenever you observe one of the species. Launch the app and follow the instructions – choose the species, detect your location automatically, attach any captured images and send. Your report will be visible as a point on this map. Details can be sent later if there is no internet connection available or it is simply more convenient for you.

Don’t forget to add your contact information. Your personal details are not visible to anyone, are not used for promotions, and are not shared –they are needed in case we have to contact you for additional information about your reported sighting.

Contact if you have any questions or need assistance.