The reach of the Blue World Institute is local, national, regional and international; we strive to achieve improved environmental conditions in the Adriatic and indeed the Mediterranean Basin, with all forms of partners from local to global scale. Our primary focus is on the marine environment and its biodiversity, but our activities aim to advance integrated coastal management, maritime spatial planning and empower stakeholders in the region to embrace the principles of sustainable development. We endeavour to achieve excellence in our research, education and conservation programmes and deliver transparent and objective views on the impact of human activities on the environment and the ecosystem services provided by the marine environment. Our impact spreads further than the immediate shores of the Adriatic coast, as we collaborate with individuals and organisations around the globe as we promote marine conservation.

The Blue World Institute would like to invite you to consider us for sponsorship, as a form of donation or as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. Such measure will provide your company an opportunity to invest in a better future for Croatia, the Adriatic, and the Mediterranean environment and its valuable natural resources. Some of our activities and projects are carried out thanks to the foresight of a number of environmentally-oriented companies and individuals. This means you would join an impressive list of associations and institutions – companies, government agencies, international organisations, non-profit organisations, and volunteers – supporting our activities and programmes.

Many companies integrate CSR as an important element of their business practices. Through CSR programmes, companies demonstrate to their stakeholders a recognition of the social and environmental context in which they operate and their commitment to addressing the challenges these concerns bring. A pledge to CSR principles sends a clear message about a company’s values and its role within its ecosystem.