The Blue World Institute conducts many activities in the community and is committed to public participation in environmental management. We organise many different activities, including beach and sea cleanup actions, lectures, workshops and other public and other activities to raise environmental awareness. You can help us by organizing such events either by joining us on Lošinj or by organizing satellite events on your location. Also, occasionally we have a need for specialized help like designing our materials, managing our website, organizing promotional activities on (social) media, organizing and managing crowd-funding activities etc. Another great help would be in developing our field data logging software, development of integrated databases or linking our data with on-line platforms.

Our ability to fulfill our commitments and our ambitious intentions rely on your support. If you can assist us by devoting a little time and energy to activities like those listed above, please fill in the form below listing in which field you could be of help. Once we will have the need for your specific set of skills we will review our database with your applications and we will contact you.

In case you would like to participate in our dolphin research activities please apply through our Eco-volunteer and/or Internships form.