After more than six months of sound recording in the South Adriatic Sea, we have successfully returned our High-Frequency Acoustic Recording Package (HARP) from 1000m depth to the surface! The device brought us recordings of underwater noise and sounds of dolphins and whales that frequented this area. After replacing the batteries and hard discs (with more than 4 TB of data!) we returned the device to the sea to continue recording the sounds. There are weeks and months of analysis of recorded sound ahead of us, but we can not wait to start because we are sure that southern Adriatic will not disappoint us!

The deployment and re-deployment of HARP are carried out thanks to the cooperation with colleagues from the Institute for Marine and Coastal Research of the University of Dubrovnik who have carried out sampling of plankton organisms and the sea water as part of the research project of Dr. Mirna Batistić “The Impact of Changes in Thermohaline Circulation in the Eastern Mediterranean on the Planktonic Community in the Southern Adriatic” and co-operation with our colleague Dr. Ana Širović from the Department of Marine Biology at Texas A & M University in Galveston, USA.

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