The International School of Marine Conservation Science focuses on the multiple aspects of evidence based conservation in marine ecosystems, including the physical, biological, and human dimension components. The aim of the lectures and workshops is to identify the linkages between understanding biological systems human impacts and the critical role of social science, education, and politics in conservation planning.

isMCS program is comprised of lectures, laboratory exercises, readings and discussions, student projects and field courses in Slovenia, Italy and Croatia. It is an intensive 10-day course, organized jointly by the Department of BiodiversityUniversity of Primorska(Slovenia, EU) and the Deparment of Wildlife and Fisheries, Oregon State University (USA) in collaboration with the Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation (Croatia, EU).

As this workshop is cohosted by the BWI, participating students will also come to the island of Lošinj. The workshop will take place on 28.- 30. June and features lecturers Dr Peter Mackelworth-Executive Director and Conservation Programme Director, Dr Nikolina Rako Gospić-Science Director, MSc Tihana Vučur-Researcher and MSc Marko Radulović-Researcher.

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