On the session of the City council of Mali Lošinj on tuesday, 29.9.2010., the Council and Mayor, Mr. Gari Cappelli, gave their unanimous support to the proposal of the Blue World Institute to open new Lošinj Marine Education Centre in Mali Lošinj.

Since its opening in 2003. the Lošinj Marine Education Centre opened in Veli Lošinj fulfilled its purpose. Several tens of thousands of visitors, dozens of TV crews, workshops, meetings, lectures… But, the size of the center simply became the limiting factor to our further work and development.

Therefore we proposed to the City cooperation in establishment of new education center and transfer into the abandoned military building on the coast in Mali Lošinj.

Of course, huge job is infront of us. The building needs to be sought from the Office for state properties, and after that about 600 m2 of space needs rebuilding.

For all that we will need your help too!

In any case, we are gratefull to the City Council and the Mayor for their support and we hope for good future cooperation in fulfilment of this unique project!