In 2003, the Blue World Institute inaugurated the Lošinj Marine Education Centre (LMEC) in Veli Lošinj – the first centre of its kind on the eastern Adriatic coast. Since opening in 2003, the Lošinj Marine Education Centre has become a tourist attraction and the main marine education centre of the region. Although its space of only 160 m2 has been reconstructed in 2003, the building itself dates back to 1826 and its conditions are simply insoluble. Over the years, the BWI with its activities, the number of employees, volunteers, students and other collaborators, outgrew the current education centre which became too small, making it a significant limiting factor. It is the focal point for presentation of the Blue World Institute’s work, a tourist attraction, and an education hub for the region. The centre features permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as interactive multimedia presentations. It regularly hosts workshops and lectures for visitors addressing different interests and catering for various age groups. The Blue World Institute strives to continuously improve and update the programme with the latest scientific developments and the latest content.

Opening of the Lošinj Marine Education Centre

The Centre has served its educational and public awareness purposes extremely well. The Lošinj Marine Education Centre has had an important role in public life; since inception this humble space has hosted over 140,000 visitors, 500 school groups, scores of organised tourist groups, numerous international conferences, professional meetings, workshops and study groups and was even shown on live national TV broadcast. It is a primary tourist attraction on the island and offers employment options or internship and volunteer opportunities. It continues to support university education, provides opportunities for people to return to work on the island, and remains the premier tourist attraction in Lošinj. The Centre features regularly in dozens of newspaper and magazine articles, hundreds of web pages, radio interviews, and television coverage including prime-time news and TV magazine broadcasts. In 2004, the Lošinj Marine Education Centre was visited by the (former) President of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Stjepan Mesić.

Marine Education Centre

Although renovated in 2003, the structure of the building dates back to its original construction in 1826 and suffers from the effects of age and being exposed to moisture and humidity. In recent years it has grown too small to sustain the rising number visitors and activities, including additional the BWI personal, researchers, students, interns, and volunteers. In spring 2010, the Blue World Institute presented the plan of development of the new building of the Marine Science Museum to the municipality of Mali Lošinj seeking their support in project development and construction of the new building. After receiving financial support from the Ministry of tourism of the Republic of Croatia, we provided initial design of a unique building on the Croatian islands and an example of sustainable architecture.

How to find us:

Lošinj Marine Education Centre is situated in the mere centre of Veli Lošinj, which is about a 10-minute walk from the bus station.

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