The Blue World Institute invites you to visit the exibition open within the Sparks project.

Sparks is a major European project and a collaboration between 33 organisations from all EU that is trying to engage members of the public with the concept of ‘Responsible Research and Innovation’(RRI).

The project aims to raise awareness of Research and Innovation (RRI) through exhibitions, events and publications, with a specific focus on technology shifts in healthcare and medicine. RRI is a European initiative to involve citizens and stakeholders in the research and innovation process and aims to ensure that science and technology reflect the needs, priorities and values of wider society. The Sparks project is coordinated by Ecsite, the European network of science centres and museums.

This exhibition Beyond the Lab: The DIY Science Revolution has been created as part of Sparks, a European project that explores new ways to involve people in scientific research and innovation. The exhibition will tour a total of 29 different museums,science centres and research institutions across Europe from 2016 to 2018.

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The Sparks exhibition is titled Beyond the Lab: The DIY Science Revolution and it explores the increasing number of inventions and scientific discoveries that are being made by hackers, patient groups and ordinary citizens. Drawing on examples in the medical sciences – from a type 1 diabetic who is building his own artificial pancreas to community groups researching the health risks of urban air pollution – the exhibition examines how new technologies are opening up science to wider public participation and transforming the research and innovation process as a result.

Comprising a diverse selection of objects, photography, film and contemporary art pieces, the exhibition will present the stories of seven specific individuals and community groups.

These stories are clustered around three content themes: DIY Biologists, Health Hackers and Citizen Scientists. A fourth section will present three artworks that imagine on where DIY science and medicine might lead in the future and what this could mean for all our lives. In addition to the main content of the exhibition there is also a small event space for activities and workshops.

The exibition will be open for the public in a period from 10.10.2016-02.12.2016 in the Health Resort Veli Lošinj , building V.

Free entrance!