The Blue World Institute is the lead partner of the project “A new view of the Lošinj archipelago” financed by the European Union from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund within the framework of the FLAG Tender Measure 2.1. “Conservation of the environment and encouraging sustainable management of natural resources” of the local development strategy in fisheries of the FLAG “Vela Vrata”.



The main aim of the project is to successfully inform and educate all age and interest groups of islanders and visitors to the island of Lošinj about the need to preserve the marine environment as the island’s greatest natural value. For this reason, innovative content in nature will be introduced, available to all users, with an educational purpose, but will also provide additional value to certain locations on the island. This project will contribute to the development of sustainable tourism for the benefit of nature. By renovating the Lošinj Marine Education Centre, completing its educational content and introducing innovative content, the local population and numerous visitors to the island of Lošinj will be informed on the life in the sea, its conservation and protection.


The main expected result of the project is the successful education of as many visitors as possible about biology, ecology and, above all, the need for protection and sustainable development. Quality and innovative educational content will be developed as a result of project activities – an augmented reality module, a new acoustic experience of underwater noise using the virtual reality concept, interactive educational contents of the Lošinj Marine Education Centre and new info-panels will continue to be actively used for the purpose of popularizing education where in an original way, the transfer of knowledge about the environment, research and the need to preserve nature, collected through the organisation´s long-term work, will be enabled, as well as the development of positive environmental awareness among a larger number of people even after the end of the project. Given that we are leaving a natural heritage for future generations to use, its future will depend on the results of the current work on their education. With the aim of sensitizing the general public about the problem of marine litter on the coast and the seabed, workshops will be held through which the target groups will gain knowledge about ecologically sustainable methods of collecting marine litter and methods of its classification and disposal.


Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation

Marine Institute



01.01.2021. – 31.12.2022.



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