The goal of the project is to develop new forms of education to encourage the competencies of society and the economy needed in the future. The project emphasizes the connection of innovative and scientific educational strategies with social and global needs. Therefore, involved schools are invited to move away from traditional forms of learning towards new approaches that actively involve schools in local communities where schools become initiators of change and encourage students to actively get involved and get to know the social actors of their environment.


The project is coordinated by lead partner Greek school Ellinogermaniki Agogi with participation of 11 other partner organizations from Europe and Israel. The Blue World Institute is involved as associated third party.

The project duration is from August 2022-August 2023. The partner organizations are the national coordinators of the 420 schools involved. Among these, 12 schools are from Croatia and are supported by the Blue World Institute through the role of national coordinator.

The ‘SALL– Schools as a living laboratory’ project is co-financed from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under the Project ID no. 871794.