A workshop for fishermen was held in Mali Lošinj as part of the project LIFE Delfi – Lowering fishing interactions to promote dolphin watching as an activity that can replace or supplement the traditional activity of fishermen. The workshop is aimed at sharing the knowledge needed to start the activity of dolphin watching, while respecting the rules of conduct and applying good practice, i.e. to ensure the sustainable development of this activity.

In addition, the participants were introduced to other activities in the project, which are directly related to reducing the negative impacts of the interactions between dolphins and fishery, both for the welfare of these animals and for the fishermen. For example, fishermen learned about the possibilities of participating in determining the effectiveness of installing acoustic deterrent devices so called pingers, which is one of the activities in the project.

This project is implemented with the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Union. Find out more about the LIFE Delfi project here.