As part of the Adriatic Biodiversity Conservation Week of the Blue World Institute, we celebrated World Turtle Day, 23rd of May. On the beach Veli Žal in Mali Lošinj, a public release of the recovered sea turtle Malin was organized. Malin was recovering from a respiratory infection at the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre on Lošinj. In addition, it was weakened by a parasitic invasion. After the therapy and several months of recovery in our rescue centre, it was ready to return to the sea. Mrs. Sanja Zubčić, who promptly informed us about the sick sea turtle in August last year and thus enabled its successful recovery, was also present on the release.

Moreover, we are especially proud that we have just set up the first sea pen for checking the buoyancy and preparation of sea turtles for their return to nature. The 15 m diameter and 7 m deep pool, located in a protected bay in the sea, will be used for adaptation to environmental conditions of individuals who have been recovering in the indoor pools for a long time and for their preparation for the return to nature. This is the first facility with this purpose in the Croatian part of the Adriatic. Immediately after installation, it was put into use by moving the loggerhead turtle named Saturn from the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre on Lošinj. This pool, significantly larger in diameter and depth than the rescue centre indoor pools, provides sea turtles with better quality conditions during the final period of the recovery process. In addition, it allows us to take care of a larger number of injured and sick individuals at the same time. The purchase of the pool was co-financed by EU funds from the Cohesion Fund.

Through continuous procurement of equipment for the rescue centre and by educating staff, the Blue World Institute strives to provide the best possible care for injured and sick sea turtles until their return to nature. The project “Improvement and Increase of Sea Turtle Rescue Centre Capacity” is co-funded by EU funds from the Cohesion Fund.