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The Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation carries out its activities through three programmes - scientific, education and conservation. Research focuses on large marine vertebrates (mostly Cetaceans, sea turtles and cartilaginous fish) with an aim to contribute to their and marine environment protection and conservation. Results of research are translated to activities aimed at rasing of public awareness and education. Our offices and field activities are based on Adriatic islands, showing our support to sustainable development of local, insular communities through cooperation and an interdisciplinary approach to conservation.

Blue World Institute operates on several locations on Lošinj, Murter and Vis Islands.

Our projects are:

The Adriatic Dolphin Project, with field stations on the islands of Lošinj, Vis and Murter

The aim of this project is research of population ecology, genetics, acoustics and habitats of bottlenose dolphins and other Cetacean species of the Adriatic and conservation biology and their population and habitat modelling. ADP, since its start, has been one of the examples of best practice of successful integration of scientific research with practical conservation of one endangered species and its habitat

The Lošinj Marine Education Centre, Veli Lošinj

In 2003 Blue World opened the first marine education centre on the eastern Adriatic coast. In the centre there are permanent and temporary exhibitions and interactive multimedia presentations. In addition the centre hosts workshops and lectures for the education of visitors and different interest and age groups. The programme is being continuously updated and changed, and has been approved by Croatian Education and Teacher Training Agency

The Cres-Lošinj Marine Protected Area

The most significant project of the conservation programme has been the involvement of Blue World Institute in the development of the Cres-Lošinj MPA, the first such area for dolphins in the entire Mediterranean. Blue World Institute supports permanent protection of this area through support of the process of transparent public participation and establishment for the local protected area management institution.

The Adriatic Marine Turtle Project

Research on the biology and ecology of marine turtles in the Adriatic sea in cooperation with Croatian Natural History Museum from Zagreb. This includes tagging, satellite tracking and rehabilitation of injured animals in the Sea turtle rescue centre opened on Lošinj island.

Adriatic Plus, EU IPA Adriatic CBC project

The project “Adriatic+: sharing marine and coastal cross management experiences in the Adriatic basin”, funded under the IPA Adriatic CBC Programme 2007-2013 – Targeted call on EUSAIR, refers to Priority: 2 – Natural and Cultural Resources and Risk Prevention – Measure 2.1 Protection and enhancement of the marine and coastal environment. Adriatic+ main aim is to strengthen institutional capacity for conservation and management of territorial resources and for prevention of risk and mitigation of accidents through territorial cooperation.

This project is co-financed by the Croatian Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs. The views expressed in this program are the sole responsibility of Blue World Institute. 


National Foundation for Civil Society Development

Blue World is beneficiary of Institutional support of National Foundation for Civil Society Development


Our sponsors and donators:

Porsche CroatiaThe general importer of the Volkswagen into Croatia, and Blue World Institute have signed a four year sponsorship contract in November 2008. Porsche Croatia (PZ Auto at the time)has provided two vehicles - A VW Sharan and a VW Caddy Life Maxi. Porsche Croatia is our most important long-term sponsor. Thank You! More on the pages of Porsche Croatia

Blue World is partner to:

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