The Blue World Institute owns a registered limited company. The purpose of having a company is to allow the generation of essential income for the ongoing work of the Blue World Institute non-profit arm, and to be able to deliver additional services to the public, we are otherwise unable to provide as a non-profit organisation. Any profit generated by the Blue World Limited is wholly dedicated to supporting the activities of the Blue World Institute.

Services offered by our company include professional consulting to organisations and companies on issues relating to environmental and species conservation, development of expert analyses for environmental impact studies, development of mitigation measures for possible environmental degradation, independent monitoring, or similar activities. Many of our staff have JNCC recognised qualifications as a Marine Mammal Observers as well as other skills and qualifications. The company also organises dolphin-watching tours.

The company also organises dolphin-watching tours

The work of our company is clearly identified as Blue World Limited. Registration and financial records are available through public record sites (Commercial court registry, Tax Administration, or other applicable). According to the Croatian Companies Act (Official Gazette 111/93 and its Amendments) 20,000 Kn of the subscribed capital was paid at the time of incorporation.

The BWI Board of trustees sets the company policy and appoints company managers. Blue World Ltd currently has four full time employees (skippers and administrator). Depending on the activities, Blue World Ltd hires consultants and number of part-time employees.

Dolphin Watching

A prominent activity for our company are organised dolphin watching trips. As many people know our work on dolphin research and conservation, people come to visit us hoping to be able to watch dolphins and to do that in a dolphin-friendly and environmentally conscious manner. As an NGO, we are unable to take people out to the sea, so in the past, many people left Lošinj disappointed, but not anymore, as we can now provide such experience to everyone.

The Blue World Limited is fully owned by the Blue World Institute. As a result, in the matters of professionalism and environmental conservation and sustainability our company strictly follows views, opinions and behaviour set by the Blue World Institute board.

In that sense, the Blue World Institute’s greatest concern is lowering the impact that pleasure boating has on the local resident bottlenose dolphins. Our dolphin watching boat adheres to the strictest possible rules developed by the Blue World Institute staff. These mandatory rules of behaviour for our dolphin watching boat incorporate 30 years of our experience in dolphin research and in-depth knowledge of the local dolphins with domestic and international rules for sustainable dolphin watching.

Our dolphin watching trips is aimed at providing an educational experience about the dolphins and the marine environment in which they live. It includes an introductory lecture on what to expect, there is an expert guide/educator during the entire trip to answer your questions, and a free visit to the Lošinj marine education centre on return. Our skippers go through months of field training with researchers about how to behave in the presence of dolphins, how to recognise group composition and the response of the dolphins to the boat presence. In order to evaluate activities of the dolphin watching boat, the Blue World Institute requires the skipper to log boat tracks, locations of dolphin encounters and information on their behaviour. In that way, our dolphin watching boat can also provide additional information to feed into the research of the local population.

Should you wish to learn more or book your place on the boat please check our dedicated web site