Today around noon we received a call from our friends in Alternatura tourist agency from Komiža who found Eleonora’s falcon in a deep pit for rainwater collection on Cape Stupišće near Komiža. Tired and frightened bird was rescued from the bottom of the pit. At the time we got the call, we were with the crew of Croatian Television from Split filming a short report about our recent dolphin research in Albania. After the call, of course, we went to Komiža to check the bird. To make sure we can provide professional help, we contacted dr. Emilio Menđuš ić from Falcon’s centre in Šibenik, who has given us the basic instructions what to do. In Komiža, Goran and Pino from Alternatura gave us more detailed information where the animal was found and introduced us to Aries, the falcon. After a short filming, Aries has been set for the trip to Šibenik. As always when something is transported from the island, planning is an almost military operation! Our friend, journalist Franka Tonkli Jovićand her team from HRT Split, will transport Aries to Vis and by ferry to Split, where people from Falcon centre will take over and transport the bird to Šibenik. Knowing the work of Falcon center and dr. Menđuš ić, we are confident that we will soon see Aries on the sky above Vis!

Eleonora’s Falcon is one of the legendary bird of Croatian south. It is known to nest only on the outer islands – Vis, St. Andrija and Biš evo, and can be seen on some other southern islands. Eleonora’s falcon is one of our most rare birds of prey. Unlike other birds, Eleonora’s falcon nests late, in August, because it feeds on small birds during their fall migration. In that way, parents can provide enough food to their chicks. Although Eleonora’s falcon is relatively abundant in the Mediterranean, they are very few in Croatia, just some 80 breeding pairs, because the area of central Adriatic is on the edge of their distribution range.