The Blue World Institute did celebrate 25th Anniversary of the Dolphin Day! This special occasion was marked by a two-day program that was packed with interesting events highlighting the longevity of our work on the research and conservation of dolphins and entire marine environment.

On the first day of the celebration, on 30th of June we presented the work of the Blue World Institute through lectures on the Adriatic Dolphin Project, LIFE Euroturtles project and a retrospective of the past 25 Days of Dolphins. On the same evening, we presented the exhibition of designer jewelry from the recycled materials by Nenad Roban and the  bench in front of the Lošinj Marine Education Center made by our  friends from the  Center for Healthy Growing “Idem I ja”.

On Saturday morning, July 1st, we set up art exhibitions, the children’s drawings exhibition and the exhibition of students  from the School of  Art from Zagreb. All these activities took place in Velom Lošinj and at the same time we began painting the facade of the DV Cvrčak in Mali Lošinj in cooperation with the artists – Slaven Kosanović Lunar and Farid Rueda.

The afternoon hours were reserved for educational games for children “Treasures Hunt”, art workshops, swimming competitions and the water polo tournament.

In the evening, we introduced the Art Collection of the Blue World Institute at the Lošinj Marine Education Center. The collection consists of works by eight renowned artists: Tomislav Buntaka, Vice Tomasovic, Zdenko Bašić, Andree Resner, Vojin Hraste, Slavena Kosanović Lunar, Sebastijan Dračić and Vend Vernić, who recognized the value of the Blue World Institute’s work and decided to donate their works on the theme of the sea as a support to our work.

The winner in the category of children’s drawings with the best art work is  Urban-a five-year-old boy. The best work of the students of Art school in Zagreb was the work of Morane Marija Vulić.

This year’s winners of the swimming competition are Paolo Budinić and Lucy Sedmakova. In addition to domestic troopers, the Halcyon International School of London’s students attended the revival in water polo tournament.

Winners of the “Treasure Hunt” for the second year in the row were  “Vatreni 2” team from Veli Lošinj.

In the evening we had the concert  by the Rundek Cargo Trio.

Thank you all for participating and being part of another Dolphin Day.