Valbiska, a juvenile loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta), has successfully completed its recovery at our Sea Turtle Rescue Centre. After seven months of recovery from a deep wound on the neck, today it returned to the sea. Such injuries most often occur as a result of entanglement of the animal in a net or waste that often results in skin incision. Along with our employees, who took care of the turtle during the recovery, a hundred students from Mario Martinolić Elementary School accompanied Valbiska on its way back to the sea from the Veli žal beach. As part of the LIFE Euroturtles and LIFE Delfi projects, lectures and workshops on sea turtles and dolphin-fisheries interactions were organized for them earlier. With this public event, we celebrated the European Natura 2000 Day, May 21st, and the International Day for Biological Diversity, May 22nd.