The crew of the Adriatic Dolphin Project North Dalmatia had an unusual sighting – two bottlenose dolphins bowriding in front of a 244 m cruiser. The dolphins could not resist the chance to have fun riding the bow wave of a ship that was sailing towards Zadar at a speed of 10-12 kts. The reason for this kind of behavior is probably pure fun – dolphins enjoy surfing beneath huge waves. Looking at the video, it’clear how much fun they’re having.

The crew of such huge ships can not see what is going on beneath the bow so our little research boat that was following the cruiser for about half an hour must have alarmed them – the captain alerted the police! Upon inspection, the police realized the benign reason for our pursuit of the 244 m giant, warned us with smile and left. Sadly, the dolphins also left the scene in the meantime.