As a part of European Green Week, the Blue World Institute organised an educative satellite event entitled ‘Discover the beauty of our archipelago’. The event was designed for children from the small villages on the little islands of the Lošinj archipelago. Many of these children have never visited the other surrounding little islands, liewise the children from these little islands have never visited each other’s schools. The aim of this project was to bring them all together on a full day boat trip around the archipelago. Event took place on the 1st of June 2015 and was funded by Ministry of Regional Development, EU Funds and the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund.

In total fifty children from Veli Lošinj, Nerezine, Ilovik, Susak and Unije, along with their teachers, attended the field trip. During the trip the educators from the Blue World Institute kept the children involved with various educational and problem solving activities. The weather conditions were ideal with lots of sun and no wind, whole day was filled with fun and laughter.

In the morning, most of the participants started the journey with the tourist boat ‘Pirate’ from the harbour of Mali Lošinj to the islands of Unije and Susak where the rest of the children joined the trip. During the trip, an orientation skills workshop was held in which the children marked down the route along which we passed and each class had a task of telling a story about the natural and geographical features of their island. Children were also given workbooks and through educational games they learnt about the species of marine mammals, fish and marine life found in our region. The highlight of the field trip took place in the Lošinj Marine Educational Centre in Veli Lošinj where a quiz competition on marine life was organized for all the participants.

In the afternoon, the boat took the same route back, bringing the children home to their islands. On the return journey we searched for dolphins, while looking we saw jellyfish and other marine life, but just as we entered the harbour of Mali Lošinj we spotted the dolphins, welcome home…

As much as the nature field trip was important, the day gave the children from smaller islands an opportunity to meet and have fun with each other. The best result was to see the happy faces of the children at the end of the day.

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