We are very proud that project for the establishment of the “Blue Cave – Biševo Visitor Centre“, which we have developed in cooperation with the City of Komiža (project leader), the Split and Dalmatia County Public Institution “Sea and Karst” and the Komiža Tourist Board, has been positively assessed and approved for financing. The project envisages the reconstruction of the old school on the island of Biševo, which should become a multimedia space that aims to contribute to the valorisation of the natural heritage of Biševo and the Vis archipelago and introduction of the visitors to this fascinating area. Apart from the reconstruction of the old and abandoned Biševo school and its transformation into the education and visitor centre, the project also envisions numerous activities like establishing the thematic educational paths and observation sites on the island, providing live streams from nature, providing residence for visiting researchers, etc. The project objective is also reducing and managing the ever more intense pressure of visitors to the famous Blue Cave, determining its carrying capacity and creating additional offer that can introduce visitors to the cave through the immersive 4D-projection experience in the future centre.

The Blue World Institute has been researching the bottlenose dolphin community of the wider aquatorium of Vis archipelago during last 11 years and thanks to results of our research, the area around the Vis has been declared a Natura 2000 area for bottlenose dolphins. Therefore, in the future visitor centre they will also get their place, and visitors will be able to find out how bottlenose dolphins live in the sea around Biševo and Vis, where to see them and how to behave when meeting them at sea.

The grant agreement for the project “Blue Cave – Visitor Centre Biševo” with total value of 27 million Kuna was signed by the Mayor of the City of Komiža, Mrs. Tonka Ivčević, on May 4, 2018. The EU Regional Development Fund through Measures 6c2.2 “Promoting Sustainable Use of Natural Heritage” funds the project. We would like to congratulate to all our partners for this success and we are looking forward to future cooperation!