We assume you have heard (and if you haven’t, you have now!) that during our appearance on RTL Direkt, we “gifted” the host, Mojmir Pastorčić, a dolphin we named Mojmira after her. Of course, we cannot actually gift dolphins since they are wild and legally protected animals. However, as we encounter bottlenose dolphins during our research in the Adriatic Sea, we individually identify them based on photographs of their dorsal fins. Therefore, we decided to name one of the dolphins from Lošinj after our dear host.

And what do we know about Mojmira?

Mojmira is a female dolphin that is frequently encountered on the eastern side of Lošinj, towards the Vir sea and the northern Dalmatian islands. She was first seen with her mother Sonja in 2014 when she was already a slightly larger calf, suggesting that she was born during the autumn of 2013. Like all our bottlenose dolphins, Mojmira is identified based on the unique patterns and markings on her dorsal fin. These notches, scratches, and scars create a distinct appearance that can be compared to human fingerprints.
Both Mojmira and her mother Sonja have easily recognizable features: their dorsal fins are exceptionally elongated and sharp (almost like Mojmira’s comments). Since 2018, Mojmira has become independent and is often seen in the company of other younger dolphins. In the pictures, you can see her socializing with dolphins named Lovro, Ella, and her calf, Leap, as well as engaging in playful behaviour with a young male named Malis. While we await Mojmira’s offspring, her mother Sonja gave birth to a new calf in 2022, making Mojmira a big sister or brother.

Mojmira i Malis04

Mojmira (right) & Malis04 near Lošinj

The researchers track and identify dolphins through photographs of their dorsal fins. To help our research we have developed a mobile application called Marine Ranger, which allows users to submit their dolphin sighting photos and videos and mark the location where they encountered the dolphins. By contributing your photos and videos, you will help us recognize and monitor bottlenose dolphins in the Adriatic Sea. If any of the dolphins in your photos match with our catalogue of approximately 3,500 known Adriatic bottlenose dolphins, we will inform you about the identification. Interestingly, some marine rangers have already reported their observations of Mojmira’s mom, Sonja, through the Marine Ranger app. You can view all the reported sightings and share the ones you like the most.

With the aim of raising public awareness about the resident dolphins in the Adriatic Sea and funding our work, the Blue World Institute has a dolphin adoption program. By symbolically adopting one of our resident dolphins, you support our efforts to conserve the Adriatic’s resident dolphins. Through this program, we have introduced you to dozens of resident dolphins in the Adriatic, and it’s interesting to note that Mojmir’s mother, Sonja, was one of the dolphins available for adoption. Some of you might even remember her! If you adopt a dolphin, you will become an associate member of the Blue World Institute, and your donation will help support their conservation efforts. Thank you!