During this autumn in cooperation with the ACCOBAMS Secretariat Blue World Institute’s  education team has implemented the project „Mediterranean Cetaceans in our Schools“ as a part of ASI Small Communication Action. The “ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative”(ASI) is a project whose general objective is to establish a harmonized and coordinated monitoring system for cetacean species at the level of the ACCOBAMS area, in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, with a view in particular to increase knowledge on cetacean populations and to improve conservation measures for these endangered species. Within this framework, the first cetacean large-scale survey was carried out during the summer 2018 within the whole Mediterranean with the participation of scientists from the different countries of the Mediterranean including also scientist from Blue World Institute. The aim of the project “Mediterranean Cetaceans in our Schools” was to promote ASI project at the national level and to increase its visibility in the countries participating in the campaign, and more generally to raise awareness about cetacean conservation issues by organizing lectures for school children. In total, 12 lectures and 5 workshops were organized in schools along Croatian Adriatic coast involving all together 601 children. Schools that were participating in the project were located at the islands of Cres, Krk and Lošinj and at Split, Poreč, Žbandaj and Lovran. We use this opportunity to thank ACCOBAMS Secretariat for the financial support and to all the participants for the great fun we had!