From 26th to 29th November the third monitoring meeting “SOUNDSCAPE: SOUNDSCAPES IN THE NORTH ADRIATIC SEA AND THEIR IMPACT ON THE MARINE BIOLOGICAL RESOURCES” co-financed by the European Commission thanks to the Interreg Italy-Croatia programme, will be held at the CNR-ISMAR headquarter in the Venice Arsenal.

The Northern Adriatic Sea is an area heavily affected by the increase in maritime traffic, tourism and resource exploitation, although it has a very vulnerable biodiversity. All these anthropogenic activities involve, among other things, a significant increase in underwater noise pollution.

Main target of the project is to study underwater noise pollution through the positioning of hydrophones in the Northern Adriatic area of Italy and Croatia, evaluate its impact on marine life (especially fish, cetaceans and turtles) and finally develope a plan to mitigate the problem. The first two days of the meeting (26th and 27th November) will be dedicated to the training of the Italian and Croatian partners (Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries IOF of Split, Institute of Marine Sciences CNR-ISMAR of Venice, Blue World Institute BWI of Marine Research and Conservation of Lošinj, Cetacea Foundation CF of Riccione, the Environmental Protection Agency of Friuli Venezia Giulia, ARPA-FVG Marche Region REM, Croatian Ministry of Development and Energy MEE, Teaching Institute of Public Health TIPH of Ryeka) who will deal with the positioning of hydrophones and data processing. During the last two days will be held the meeting of the Monitoring and Management Committee with the partners involved. The project will last 2.5 years, it will also include moments of mass comunication in order to raise public awareness about underwater noise pollution problem, not much known yet.