On Friday, 1st of July 2016, the Blue World Institute celebrated 24th Dolphin Day which was held under the sponsorship of the City of Mali Loš inj, Tourist Board of Mali Lošinj and Primorsko-goranska County.

The morning program in front of the Lošinj Marine Education Centre in Veli Loš inj gathered around 15 kindergarten and preschool children. For them we organized art workshops during which they painted models of dolphins and other marine inhabitants. In the afternoon in Rovenska bay was held a swimming competition which involved 14 children, and a waterpolo game. In the women’s category of the swimming competition won Diana Bonić and in the men’s Fran Škarica, while the game between the “Sharks” and “Dolphins” team ended tie.

In the late afternoon in front of the Lošinj Marine Education Centre in Veli Loš inj art workshops for the youngest visitors of 24th Dolphin Day were organized. At the same time, 64 school children competitors divided into 8 teams started following the map of Veli Loš inj in the traditional, exciting “Treasure hunt” game. In order to unriddle the hidden treasure teams had to fulfill 9 different tasks such as the quiz, marine animals memory game, identify individual dolphins based on the scars on their dorsal fins, the maze game, the pictionary game, etc. In addition to the tasks, at each station were hidden additional leads with various riddles. The highest number of points scored the team named “Vatreni” from Veli Loš inj. The prize for winning the first place was a “dolphin watching” trip on the Saturday morning after the Dolphin Day.

In the evening we announced the winner of the photo contest “Sense the sea”. From 40 received photos, as the most creative photo was voted the one sent by Jaz Harker from Keswick, England, second place won Tihana Goričnik from Zagreb and third place Ankica Cvek from Pula. You can see the winning photos on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/blueworldinstitute .

After the announcement of the winners and award ceremony, a pre-premiere of the Blue World Institute’s new educational documentary film was held.

We would like to thank to all of the participants and visitors for joining us on the celebration of the 24th Dolphin Day!