Also this year Marine Turtle Rescue Centre in Sunny Bay, Mali Lošinj was a place of celebration of the World Sea Turtles Day. Around 100 gathered kids and their parents participated in our funny-educational program. The day started with art workshops for children who showed their artistic skills through painting cotton bags, colouring ceramic sea turtles figures, modeling, painting and drawing. Through the interesting lectures on biology and ecology of sea turtles, educators from the Blue World Institute introduced everyone into the world of these mysterious inhabitants of the sea. There was also a workshop of recognizing different types of marine turtles inhabiting the seas around the world. Afterwards, children had the opportunity to check their knowledge by participating in an educational interactive quiz on sea turtles and everyone came out as winner. In the end, the youngest visitors of the event get to know the “Forgotten Games” that fulfilled the childhood time of their parents.


The celebration of this year’s World Sea Turtles Day is one of the activities of the project „Collective Actions for Improving the Conservation Status of the EU Sea Turtle Populations – LIFE EUROTURTLES“ with the aim of raising public awareness on the need of conservation of these strictly protected species.