The analysis of the waste on the beach of Velopin in Mali Lošinj was initiated by BWI members and volunteers on Friday, 25th of May 2018. The action was taken as part of international clean-up action “Clean Up the Med”, which has been organized by Italian organization Legambiente for the last 25 years. BWI is regularly participating in this action since 2007, and this year as associated partner of the European project Act4litter we decided to start systematic monitoring and analysis of waste on our beaches. Due to its characteristics the beach of Velopin was chosen as a sample beach, and the research is conducted according to the MSFD rules using standardized methodologies and protocols. In this first set of cleaning actions, 8 BWI employees and volunteers participated, and a total of 14 kg of waste was collected. Among the collected waste, plastic prevails with the share of 78.57% followed by paper, rubber, metal and wood waste. From the individual items, plastic bags and packaging of various food products are standing out. The next action and the extension of monitoring is planned by the end of June and then in September in order to compare the results and to draw conclusions on possible effective measures to reduce the amount of waste in the sea.