We celebrated the World Sea Turtle Day by releasing recovered loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) Bura back in the nature.

Bura is one of three sea turtles that were admitted to the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre on Lošinj in early March when a strong storm brought them to the port of Veli Lošinj. Unfortunately, their hibernation was interrupted, and since sea turtles are cold-blooded organisms, prolonged exposure to relatively low temperatures has affected their vital functions. Weighing just 1.3 kg, cold-stunned and unable to dive, recovery was needed as it was unlikely Bura would survive otherwise. Although the examination revealed no external injuries, it required immediate stabilization with a warm-up, and the care was provided until today, when the sea temperature is suitable for returning to the sea.

In addition to Bura’s release into the sea, all those gathered had the opportunity to learn more about sea turtles through a mobile exhibition on biology, ecology, protection, and conservation of sea turtles in the Mediterranean. Also, a workshop of cotton bags painting was organized for children to encourage them to behave responsibly towards the environment. At the same time, this event was listed as #EMDinMyCountry as part of this year’s European Maritime Day conducted by the European Union with the aim of raising public awareness of the need to protect the marine environment.

Through continuous procurement of equipment for the rescue centre and by educating staff, the Blue World Institute strives to provide the best possible care for injured and sick sea turtles until their return to nature. The project “Improvement and Increase of Sea Turtle Rescue Centre Capacity” is co-funded by #EUfunds from the Cohesion Fund.