Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation, Marine Institute and Dječji vrtić Cvrčak are partners on the project “Čisti otok, čisto more” co-financed by the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union funds.


The specific goal of the project is to educate and sensitize new generations of islanders to the problems of improper waste disposal and to point out the importance and methods of reducing the amount of certain types of waste in everyday life. An additional goal is the development of positive environmental awareness among young generations, which will provide the basis for their responsible behavior in the future. Indirectly, through conversations and communication between children and young people and with their parents and guardians, the important contents of the project are conveyed to a wider circle of people, which positively affects awareness of the need to protect the environment.



a) Raising awareness of the problem of waste among children aged 6-10 (workshops on proper handling of waste, art workshops, preparation of educational book, field trips for users)
b) Raising awareness of the problem of waste among young people aged 15-18 (workshop on marine litter, 2 coastal and underwater cleanups, round table on marine litter, preparation and installation of educational info-boards on the problem of marine litter, field trip for users)
c) Promotional activities (preparation of posters about the exhibition, exhibition of painted bags, short video about the project)
d) Project management (meetings of project partners, preparation of workshop content, procurement of necessary equipment, analysis and evaluation of implemented activities, preparation of project reports)

Take a look at the implemented project activities in this short video.


The main expected result of the project is the successful education of children and young people from the island of Lošinj on reducing the amount of waste, separate collection and proper disposal of certain types of waste, as well as reuse and recycling. Through a series of targeted and carefully designed project activities, we plan to influence the acquisition of correct habits regarding handling waste in everyday life as a prerequisite for educating future citizens to be responsible for their actions towards the environment. Since we are leaving a natural heritage for children and young people to use, its future will depend precisely on the results of our current work on their education about environmental protection.


Marine Institute

Dječji vrtić Cvrčak



01.01.2022. – 31.12.2022.



70.760,08 HRK

from which 49.785,13 HR is co-financed by the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union funds